Saturday, November 1, 2014

Mobile Phone Insurance – The Best Way to Save Your Investment

Mobile phones have become the integral part of our lives, as they are involved in various activities related to daily productivity. Whether it is about browsing internet, watching movie, listening songs, playing games, organizing tasks, or any other daily routine task, mobile phones are there to facilitate the users. However, the major thing to consider is that buying mobile phone is just like an investment, thus, one should make efforts to avoid damage to this smart gadget.

Many people prefer to buy different kinds of mobile phone accessories in order to protect the gadget from being damaged due to dust or any accidental fall. However, such people should also focus that misplacing or having the cell phone stolen can also be stressful for them, and their purchased protective accessories will not help them in this hour of need. What should they do to protect their device from every kind of loss? The answer is they should insure the gadget.

You will be amazed to know that until 2006, only 3% to 5% of the total mobile phone owners used to prefer mobile phone insurance but with the passage of time, the users acknowledged the importance of mobile phone insurance, which is why the percentage has increased to 25% now. However, there is still a need of increase in the percentage. You must be thinking if to own an insured gadget is that much important then why people neglect it. The answer is its premium. Many users think that insuring the gadget is an expensive activity, as premium they have to pay against the insurance cover is quite high whether they pay it on monthly basis or annually.

These days, due to the increasing number of mobile phone owners interested in insurance, many insurance providers are offering this facility. These insurance providers offer you cover against the followings:
  • Accidental spills and drops
  • Cracked screen
  • Breakage
  • Theft
To avail these insurance covers, one has to find a reliable insurance provider. The easiest way to search insurance providers is to conduct an online research. You can conduct this research based on various factors like your location, type of insurance you are looking for, your budget, etc. However, it is always advisable to select one of the best insurance providers after comparing few of the reliable and professional insurance providers.

One of the most reliable and professional mobile phone insurance companies is working with the name of ‘Protect Your Bubble’. By taking insurance from this company, you can secure your gadget, as this company offers the insurance covers for accidental hardware damages, screen cracks, water damage, theft, and breakdown at affordable rates. Besides providing this insurance cover, the company is also offering other benefits for your mobile phone. For example, in case of theft, the company will pay you £100 for the unauthorized calls. It will also take the responsibility of fast replacement of your gadget. The best part is that to get insurance from this trustworthy company is not that difficult.

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