Saturday, October 25, 2014

Are Mobile Phones the Future PC Replacement?

Personal computers have traditionally been used as general computing machines and to make things a lot easier for people to do. PC applications make photo editing possible, programming, gaming, video communication and a lot more. The funny thing is that, manufacturers keep trying to make computers smaller even with all its functions intact, which is why they came up with laptops.

On the other end, the already very small mobile phones are continuously being added with features and specifications that make it function like personal computers even with its very small size. Today there are countless affordable Android phones to choose from that will do almost as much as a PC. So, are phones and PCs going to meet half way in a form of laptop or tablet PC? Of course not and we all can probably tell that at some point mobile phones are going to end up as PC replacements.

Let us name a few smartphones that can already let us do most things that we can do on our personal computers:

  • BlackBerry smartphones. BlackBerry is a line of mobile smart phones that has been designed and manufactured by Research In Motion. The BlackBerry comes in several different editions ranging from regular bar phones through HD touch screens. It has been noted all over the world as a professional’s mobile phone primarily because it allows users to open and edit Microsoft applications like Excel, Word, Power Point Presentations and even PDF files which are the basic applications also being used in most business offices. Professionals, with the help of their BlackBerry phones can already perform their tasks even when they are away from their computers because they can access their job from their phones.

  • The iPhone, which is designed and manufactured by Apple is a line of mobile smart phones that outstand in the market because of its ultimate multimedia features that gives people all the entertainment they need. It allows users to watch a full length movie on HD and do HD video recording as well with its 8 megapixel camera. It allows a smooth conversation on Skype and other social networking sites with it 3G features, back and front camera and all that. It also has all-exclusive gaming applications that perform as fast as computer games with its dual core A5 chip. It also allows photo editing and a lot other fun things you may think about doing on your computer.

  • Xperia is another line of mobile smart phones that has been proudly designed and manufactured by Sony Ericson. Its Arc S edition features a 1.4GHz turbo processor. Does it seem familiar? It may probably be one of the specification requirements you had before when you decided to purchase a laptop. What is more amazing is that this mobile phone is already able to let users watch videos in 3D. Oh, is 3D laptop one of the latest technologies? We probably just heard about it a little bit late because there are already mobile phones in 3D.
With all these features and specifications mentioned, would you be able to help me find things that in a computer that mobile smart phones cannot do? The existence of mobile smart phones probably marks the downfall of personal computers. Besides their large screen display, they do not have much to compare with mobile phones these days.

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